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Tatiana Alekseeva was born in the USSR, in the part that is Russia today. Since childhood, she was fond of art. Tatiana is interested in creativity in all its manifestations, from painting and graphics to sculpture and architecture.

After graduating from the Ufa City Art College, Tatiana received a master's degree in architecture. For over 10 years, she worked in Moscow as an architect and interior designer. Numerous residential projects of single-family houses and apartments were successfully completed based on her sketches and drawings. One of her projects was nominated for the ARCHIP-2007 International Architecture Award in the nomination “Best Traditional Interior”.

In the last ten years, Tatiana Alekseeva has been moving from city to city, from country to country. From Russia, Tatiana came to Canada, after which she settled in Belgium, and now she lives in the Netherlands. Each culture brings joy to new emotions and experiences that are reflected in Tatiana’s work. Today, she has returned to the visual arts to share what she sees and feels around herself.

“I would like to please the audience with my creativity, share my feelings through art. I like to try different genres and techniques. I am full of creative ideas and open to everything new in art. I cannot stop!"


Please visit her art gallery!

Group Exhibitions:

2020 - Artbox.Project Zürich 2.0 2020, Zürich

2020 - Painting of The Year 2020, Amsterdam

2021 - Painting of the Year 2021, Amsterdam

2022 - Arte Laguna Prize 21.22

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